CIOReview – Ensuring a Smooth Digital Transition in Education


“We need to ensure that teaching and learning lead this digital shift first rather than technology leading from the beginning”

“Ultimately, it is not the what, but the how that makes a difference. How can we reach kids? How can we better prepare them for the future in the workplace? What new opportunities do we have to teach problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, communication skills, persistence and grit? To achieve this, I would argue that today we should be more focused than ever before on the overall digital transformation of our schools and not just the introduction of new technology.

Today’s K-12 CIOs are increasingly becoming the keepers of all things digital in schools, as well as the facilitators of technological innovation within teaching and learning environments. Years ago when I first started my career in technology, the focus of many CIOs was firmly grounded in the technology operations of the organization—how fast a system was and how much storage we had. While CIOs of today cannot forget that aspect of the role, it is a functional requirement to be delegated. The true focus of today’s CIOs is on the organization itself and how technology can enable the organization to become more agile, to open the doors to new innovation not possible ”

Author: Greg

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